28 July 2011

July it was..

Its been ages since i've blog about 'my-what-had-happen' in a month since way back 2006 in which i've use to do blog using my expired friendster blog (i think the blog has shut down years ago). Well i think the feeling of month-blogging came back into me. So before i change my mind, i think i'll better blog away.

So, what has happen to my life in July (I know this might sound cliche, but just bare with me!). In the beginning of July, the ladies of JCI Intan was so kind enough to held a GMM cum Housewarming celebration (plus Abby's B'day too) at the Yong's new Residence and me as the member of the organisation as the host together with dear hubby. It was such a nice day and with lots of foodie, fun, sharing & laughter around the whole afternoon. And we received a blender as a housewarming gift! Now was can have blended yogurt smooties (no more yucky plain yogurt!) Yeah!!! And thank to Nora too for the lovely 'Welcome' signage.

Come 7pm, we wrapped up the GMM and rush over to Fresco @ downtown KK located at Jesselton Point for soon-to-be-brother-in-law David's performance with his students from the KK International School. Admist of the tiring day, it was great to be able to watch & support David together with my parent & sis. Thumbs up to David for a lovely performance on the guitar! and huge thank you also on the tickets!

On 9th July, the D-day of JCI Intan 'Be A Belle' project which i organised together with my organising committee. Held at 11am-5pm at Kinabaly Club @ downtown KK. When when i say downtown means right smack in the middle of KK in the heart of (listen to this..) the Bersih 2.0 rally venue!!!!! Seriously! Luckily the policeman let us all through and thank God the rally didnt happen. But no worries, everything went well and we managed to pull the day through. A Big thank you to all our lovely sponsors that day, to the partipants that braved the jam/road block, to the ever wonderful speakers of the day! Truely appreciate it 101% and to the hardworking ladies of the committee. You all are truely a Belle!

A week later on 19th, me & hubby participated in the annual Sutera Harbour 7K Charity run. A tradition for us which we started 2 years ago and plan to continue it for as long as we can. The company we work for sponsored the giant arch and in return we received free tshirt! A lovely sunset ended the run of the day.

July also mark the Birthday of my only dear sister, Linda as she turn 25 years old but unfortunatelly is not in KK as she and David will be in London on a visit to David's families + holiday. Happy Birthday Sis! However we managed to have a get together dinner over seafood at the famous Welcome Restaurant @ Bundusan before the fly off the next day.

Another wonderful occasion to celebrate - Uncle Vinson retirement + wedding anniversary + birthday (as i think housewarming too) was celebrated on the 3rd week of July. It was a impromt party held at their house gathered by all families member and i got to tell you that i was soooo indeed happy to be able to see all cousins, neices, nephews, uncles, aunties after soo long! gosh we should have such gathering from time to time ya! And mamak's hinava was sumptious!! yum yum! (eat your heart out Linda & Lester!HA!)

Other things to be happy about;

Had a get together high-tea with the 'Geng-Keras' at A-Roma Ristorante on 14th July to celebrate the Geng-Keras July babies Birthday. Wish the rest of the geng were with us.

Ive done my part as a citizen of the world by donating to plant a tree to Wild Borneo Expedition! hey! it got my name of it! Cool!!

Met Louis Pang during the Nikon Showroom Launching (we were the event organiser for them). Manage to had chat with my all time favourite photogragper!

Also featured on WhoAmISabah courtesy by a lovely friend - Vera M. here at http://whoamisabah.com/2011/07/18/whoamisabah-lenore-beverley-lee-yong/.

Thats all folks! Im indeed blessed!

With lots of love, Yours Truely!

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  1. hi lenore.. finally dpt read ur blog. welcome to blog world btw. :)) c u around