20 April 2011

Cleaning Away

Upon checking our calender, the task now will be cleaning. Yes cleaning only ..

cleaning detergents & equipments ready ?

Yes, these task are included too

Spring cleaning top to bottom

Pray i will not turn into like this! if so, will not forgot to still look gorgeous! haha

Till then...tata folks!

1 April 2011

Looking Back

I found a piece of paper which was flying around the house some time right before New Year (brought home by my parent i think) and it caught my eyes and i read it over and over again. Now, today i saw it again on my brother's desk and i must say that whenever i read it, my world stops and i took a moment to think & look back of all the blessing that i've received despite of some challenges that i face along the way.

I think this can relates to everyone and take a moment to silent, clear your mind and look back at some things we have to be thankful;

1. Be thankful of your family

2. Be thankful of your sanity.

3. Be thanful of your children have grown
(well not applicable yet to some of us, but try to put yourself
in your parents shoe)

4. Be thankful of the support you get.

5. Be thankful for unexpected help.

6. Be thankful for food & shelter

7. Be thankful for your health

8. Be thankful for sibling/cousins/companion

9. Be thankful for the special moment.

10. Be thankful to God for giving you life.

Well as much as time our journey will be full of joy, happy moments and lots of love, it it also bound to have its fair share of challenges, difficulties, obstacles and problems. Let the storms and strong winds come..we will face them unlinching, because we know that after the strom, the sun will emerge, and after the winds stop howling, the air s cleaner. And, sometimes a rainbow or two emerges.

Have a great day everyone!!