19 October 2009

How you live your life makes a difference to our environment

With the Flea-Tastic Bazzar organised by JCI Intan in the coming week (24th Oct 09) i stumble across on an page on WWF about what we can do to help our environment. Im a strong believer of protection our environment and our future generation should be nurtured since birth. Do read & practice the below so we can save mother nature.

Please practise these simple steps every day and help to leave our children a living planet.

In Your Home

* Turn off equipment like televisions, computers and stereos when you're not using
them. That little red standby light means they're still using power - and that
means a contribution to global warming.

* Save water: turn off the tap when brushing your teeth.

* Recycle your paper, glass, plastics and other waste.

* Send e-greetings instead of paper cards. Check out the range of free WWF
e-cards available.

* Help reduce the world's rubbish dumps - don't use "throw-away" products like paper
plates and napkins, and plastic knives, forks, and cups. Avoid using Styrofoam
cups, plates and boxes – take away your food by bringing your own plastic
container to food stalls and restaurants.

Out & About

* Take your own bags to the shops to carry home your groceries and shopping.

* Look for products with less packaging.

* Buy the most energy-efficient household appliances you can afford.

* Use recycled paper.

* Choose wisely and help stop illegal wildlife trade!

* Do not buy products made from endangered species, such as "tortoiseshell
jewellery" (Hawksbill turtle shell) or ivory.

* Do not eat dishes that include parts of endangered species, such
as sharks fin soup or turtle eggs.

* Do not buy medicines which claim to contain parts of endangered species, such as
pangolin scales, tiger bone or bear bile.

Take your own bags to the shops to carry home your groceries and shopping.

In the Garden

* Collect rainwater to water your flowers.

* Plant local species of trees.

* Never take plants or pick flowers from anywhere in the wild.

(courtesy of WWF)

15 October 2009

Things that facinates me..its all real

Have you ever go through life and stumble upon things that fascinates you most. It can be either a picture, moment or incident that happen or whatever it is.

i on the other hand had a few share of that and want to share with it to you. See if its fascinates you too. Do let me know your comment k.

A variety of sauces to choose from!

Gosh! look the way they (KKIP) arranged their heavy stationary! With borders and labels! Talk about office museum! but this is usable k.

A baby elephant on Phuket beach! So cute for it to head down to the beach for a dip in the water with all beach goers surrounding the area.
(pix courtesy of Lonelyplanet.com)

A collage of pictures for memory keepsake on MV Doulos dinning table.
(Pix courtesy of Lonny Pang)

I do not need to tell myself why im blessed to be born & living in Kota Kinabalu! The sunset here is magnificent! One of the best kept secret in the world

I visited Melbourne before but didn't know about this place until i left and knew about it years later! How creative of people to paint this little box house in such a way.

When i wake up everyday and open my window, this is what i get!

How nice if all the country in the world can be close as like this for real ?

Gerbera never fails to make me smile & be happy. My favorite!

My No.1 of all! You made me fall in love with you till i can't get it out of my mind. The flaming BBQ pork stalls in Tudan ! One of the best thing that happen to me!

So there you go. So what fascinates you dear ?

5 October 2009

Heals for Work..

I do not know why, its ALWAYS hard for me to find a good working executive heals. the right one, comfy and classy look.

* This one look sexy!

* Another Sexy number

* a common one, but sexy too..