15 October 2009

Things that facinates me..its all real

Have you ever go through life and stumble upon things that fascinates you most. It can be either a picture, moment or incident that happen or whatever it is.

i on the other hand had a few share of that and want to share with it to you. See if its fascinates you too. Do let me know your comment k.

A variety of sauces to choose from!

Gosh! look the way they (KKIP) arranged their heavy stationary! With borders and labels! Talk about office museum! but this is usable k.

A baby elephant on Phuket beach! So cute for it to head down to the beach for a dip in the water with all beach goers surrounding the area.
(pix courtesy of Lonelyplanet.com)

A collage of pictures for memory keepsake on MV Doulos dinning table.
(Pix courtesy of Lonny Pang)

I do not need to tell myself why im blessed to be born & living in Kota Kinabalu! The sunset here is magnificent! One of the best kept secret in the world

I visited Melbourne before but didn't know about this place until i left and knew about it years later! How creative of people to paint this little box house in such a way.

When i wake up everyday and open my window, this is what i get!

How nice if all the country in the world can be close as like this for real ?

Gerbera never fails to make me smile & be happy. My favorite!

My No.1 of all! You made me fall in love with you till i can't get it out of my mind. The flaming BBQ pork stalls in Tudan ! One of the best thing that happen to me!

So there you go. So what fascinates you dear ?

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