14 May 2011

Home Sweet New Home


We have smoothly moved into our new house officially on 12th May 2011.

We want to say a huge thanks to the Lord above for showering us with lots of wisdom & strength in our journey and for answering our prayers and for not leaving us aside but have always constantly being with us & guiding us day & night. God has indeed show us the way.

Thank to to our both parents for their support, assistance & love and sames goes to our brother & sisters too. We really appreciated it very very much & both of us LOVE you all soooo much!!!!!!! To all relatives & friends that knew - thank you for your advice, homewares presents, encouragement, help and words of wishes along the way in making it happen.

All sweat & tears are all paid off.

Yes truely we are proud and we felt soooo lucky, blessed & happy!!!!!!!

Well, Darling....now we can say "Honey, I'm HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!"