30 September 2009

i Like this

My first time in Polyvore. A brilliant site i must say. My eyes browsed through as if i was in the shopping mall browshing from shop to shop on all the fashions offering.

This is what my current like. Luxury Sailing style. iLike

The day we say "Yes"

We never anticipated that the day will come. It was perfect. Firstly for my whole families & relatives excitement to their endless assistant as early as 6am at my home (before i even woke up), My mum excitement in preparing till midnight, she cooking his soup, her craziness in buying the whole bunch of gerberas from the sundry shop. Dad with his approval & sponsoring of the delicious nothing-can-replace-the-best-food-in-the-world the award winning sasau & sau nyuk! Bro in extending his stay. Sis with the unique cake. Friends with their present & endless wishes & hugs from the net, sms & personal wishes. Friend & families were on time. Everyone look vibrant and jolly!

Its was perfect! The weather was perfect that i thank God sooo much! Food were bountiful, delicious & nothing left. Drinks were cooling. Camera clicking. The flowers were gorgeous, cake yummy.

He look handsome, i too (i hope the same & the rings were (and still is) super shinny.

The ceremony didn't take long.

We are now Engaged!!

16 September 2009

5 More Days To Go & Ticking

Yes, 5 more days and i can't believe it. Kinda surreal for me in fact with nervousness, excitement, happiness and worries. Above all i can't wait! But there are still minor stuff to be done and i have to start rather than taking my break time for granted. List below are the things needed to be done, still;

1. BEG! my cousin's makeup & hair artist to come to my house at 9am instead of 7am!!
2. Basket to be done by his family.
3. Ingredients to be bought & prepared by his family.
4. Should i inform my guests on the theme? is it necessary?
5. Fill up the 3 forms. Someone with a nice handwriting pls help!
6. Manicure on Sunday.
7. Buying of fresh groceries on Sunday.
8. Get the gerbera and other flowers on Sunday & deliver some to the baker.
9. Mask 2 times before D-day.
10. CLEAN THE HOUSE! C.L.E.A.N! SPRING C.L.E.A.N to be exact. Yes! Top to bottom

Hmm..seems like just a simple task. Well the major one has been taken care off. Thanks to the beauty of being in the event industry. Some pre-worry before but now has been settled. (not my pictures of course)

Matching outfit ? unmatching ? what about just a contrast? following a theme?

matching or individual?

alt=""id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5381741754899051522" />

unique or traditional cake ? flavor? fondant? cream? theme?

Well guess better to be working on it than just listing it down.