16 September 2009

5 More Days To Go & Ticking

Yes, 5 more days and i can't believe it. Kinda surreal for me in fact with nervousness, excitement, happiness and worries. Above all i can't wait! But there are still minor stuff to be done and i have to start rather than taking my break time for granted. List below are the things needed to be done, still;

1. BEG! my cousin's makeup & hair artist to come to my house at 9am instead of 7am!!
2. Basket to be done by his family.
3. Ingredients to be bought & prepared by his family.
4. Should i inform my guests on the theme? is it necessary?
5. Fill up the 3 forms. Someone with a nice handwriting pls help!
6. Manicure on Sunday.
7. Buying of fresh groceries on Sunday.
8. Get the gerbera and other flowers on Sunday & deliver some to the baker.
9. Mask 2 times before D-day.
10. CLEAN THE HOUSE! C.L.E.A.N! SPRING C.L.E.A.N to be exact. Yes! Top to bottom

Hmm..seems like just a simple task. Well the major one has been taken care off. Thanks to the beauty of being in the event industry. Some pre-worry before but now has been settled. (not my pictures of course)

Matching outfit ? unmatching ? what about just a contrast? following a theme?

matching or individual?

alt=""id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5381741754899051522" />

unique or traditional cake ? flavor? fondant? cream? theme?

Well guess better to be working on it than just listing it down.

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