24 December 2010

Merry Christmas !

Merry Christmas everyone to all families & friends near & far! Have a great celebration with lots of love, laughter, foodies galore & good tiding!

Lots of love from, Mr & Mrs Yong Chen Leong

The Yong's Newsletter of 2010

Wow!! 2010 was indeed a great journey! I took time to sit back & reflect on 2010 and i could not help smiling for the gift from God that has showed upon me. The highlight would be definitely the wedding! OMG i got married & i'm married to a wonderful man !!i still can't believe it! Felt so blessed & lucky lucky lucky!! ..

Apart from that, 2010 has been a wonderful year not only for me but for my other half, family & relatives & friends. So many wonderful news showered in 2010 upon us. See God is indeed great!

After being the 'editor-in-chief" for the LEE's family newsletter for the past 6 years, i recently extended it to the YONG's now. So happy to take up the new rols & many more to comes. Enjoy!

17 December 2010

Christmas Wish List

Ah! Its Christmas time again! Wow! Times really flies by so fast! Gosh! i miss the Christmas feeling. I do not know why, all of a sudden i lost the excitement of it (shaking myself). Was is due to the fact that the Lee clan have to bid a long goodbye to our 15 years old Christmas tree last year? Hmm..i wonder..oh well but i wish, we could have a pleasant Christmas breakfast at my parent home to celebrate together with hubby & brother. (Sis will be in England).

So OK! even though that the spirit of Christmas hast't filled my souls up yet and the Christmas decoration is still sitting in the box shouting out my name, here are some of my wish list i hope that Santa would deliver to me; (just for the fun of it)..

1. Ipod shuffle (so i can listen to those heart pumping music playing in my ears while jogging)
2. Mini stereo..Sony perhaps (to play all the lovely CD given my various bands)
3. A year subscription of Personal Money magazine. (Me & hubby are very money aware these days)
4. Laptop (my old one is pealing! no joke)
5. Canon Close Up Lens 58MM .. ooo shot! i thought i wanted to switch to Nikon!
6. Nikon DSLR (i don't know what model yet)
7. Sony compact camera (easy to put into my handbag when i'm lazy to carry the DSLR around)
8. a new pair of Levi jeans.
9. Air purifier
10. Lots of LOVE, HAPPINESS, PEACE & JOY within myself, me & hubby, our families, relatives & friends and for the whole nation.


27 October 2010

The Choice

Dear Nicholas Spark,

I remembered during a cold winter back in 2004 when i 1st knew about you. You made me cried during the last sequel of "The Notebook". Its was in the Strand Cinema if i was not mistaken that your movie premiered for the 1st time to county folks.

With that it has led me to add you name to my collection on my bookshelf. My 1st was the "The Notebook" (obviously) and that too made me cried even harder. Well as usual, the book is always better than the movie but then again i don't think movie producers will be happy to include all bits n bits of a storyline & bore all movie goers. You indeed has a way of speaking from a soul. Your story line felt so real and touches the heart of the reader.

From that onwards you have become my favorite. I followed your new releases every time it appear on the bookstore window. Dear John, 3 Weeks With my Brother, The Last Song until i came to The Choice, which has turned my life around.

I might sound like a crazy woman here turning fiction into a reality, but to tell you the truth i did. Felt as if God made your book came to me during the right time like sign in telling me what to do. I remembered of endless night & prayer in searching for the right decision and you do not know how long i cried when i finish reading you book. Then with an instant, i knew my choice.

I thank God for it till today and will treasure The Choice very very much.

Thank you so much and Thank you God treamendously very very much.

Love Always, Yours Truly

25 June 2010

84 days or less for planning ?

I cannot believe the last time i've posted a blog on my site was the beginning of the year and its now mid year already. Wow! time really flies by so fast. I got to admit that im a real time sucker for blogging.

To be honest, i really admire friends or families that has the patient to blog with beautiful words composition and all those function on their blog in which gosh! i don't even know how to do that.

Well instead of blah-ing about my lack of blogging, let me go through life for the past 6 months since the last blog.

Gosh! i don't even know where to start! Lets start with the major one 1st shall we. Well, as some of your know already, yes .. yours truly will be walking down the aisle this year in 84 days time. Indeed its very near and are there some more 'itsy bitsy' stuff need to be decided & confirmed. Gosh! i really hope i make up my mind fast!

Within those past months, ya well..most time was taken up as the big day preparation. Discussion here and there, decision, confirmation, rejection on services(oppss...sorry), inquiry, quotation flying around, some meltdown to add (pls don't ask me about it) and more. Mind you, for the both of us being in an event organiser by profession is a blessing indeed, but sometimes well...will tell u once the big day is over.

Apart from the wedding planning, we were also involved lots in our work. To name a few, The Sabah Supermodel/Manhunk Search, The 4th KK Jazz Festival (Phew! after 1 years of planning!), few events done in house and also not forgetting our future 'Nest'.

To be continue...

6 January 2010

2010 Resolutions

1. Make More $$, Save $$, Spend wisely.

2. Tie a Knot

3. Own a house

4. Continue to be punctual

5. Achieve the "business" dream

7. Go Green. Think Eco-friendly.

8. Slim down. Diet. Eat healthy. Stay Healthy, Exercise more

9. Pick up my SLR more. Improve photography.

10. Hang out bit more with friends (esp SFc ninetyniers) & families.