28 July 2011

Sound of Music

I must say that from the first time my eyes laid on this movie on television years back when i was young (i think i was 13 years old at that time if i was not mistaken) i can tell u it was love at first sight. I fell in love with the movie so much that ive watched it so many times towards my teen years and to add to loving it, even went to watch the musical at Istana Budaya, KL during my Uni Graduation week. My fav part was when Rolf took Liesl at night and dance away under the moonlight.

Also seeing Liesl (acted by Charmain Carr) i'm so mesmerized by her pure beauty and never have i seen such beauty before. Till today. Tell me if you agree or not

Music that captures all walks of life, movie loved by all that is a timeless pieces. I will surely watch it with my future children one day. Hope they will like it too!

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