8 March 2011

What I'm Dreaming Off

Guess what i'm dreaming off today. To be on an untouched private island all by yourself..well..ok..not really all by my self (if now how am i'm gonna have my photo taken!)..but with hubby, lose friends / families.

And what a wonder when i found out a workmate of mind offer me for the exact trip with blue waters in the East Coast at a very very minimal cost somemore its off the beaten track! ways from the tourist journey line.

I'm gonna faint & felt so blessed when the day will happen. No need to to go Maldives or Fiji for this..i can get to experience the same experience at only 1% of the cost of going overseas.

Oooo pls pls pls....laying on the white sandy beach & have fishes swimming around your feet in the middle of the ocean. Can't Wait , can't wait!

Meanwhile plan to stop by Semporna for a photographer journey. Cool scenery heh!

Will let you know when this happen.


  1. don't forget to borrow (or rob :P, if you can't) a wide angle lens, len. and some filters too :)!

  2. Sibat....ini la ni kan..will choose to rob it!! hehehehe...