24 December 2010

The Yong's Newsletter of 2010

Wow!! 2010 was indeed a great journey! I took time to sit back & reflect on 2010 and i could not help smiling for the gift from God that has showed upon me. The highlight would be definitely the wedding! OMG i got married & i'm married to a wonderful man !!i still can't believe it! Felt so blessed & lucky lucky lucky!! ..

Apart from that, 2010 has been a wonderful year not only for me but for my other half, family & relatives & friends. So many wonderful news showered in 2010 upon us. See God is indeed great!

After being the 'editor-in-chief" for the LEE's family newsletter for the past 6 years, i recently extended it to the YONG's now. So happy to take up the new rols & many more to comes. Enjoy!

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