27 October 2010

The Choice

Dear Nicholas Spark,

I remembered during a cold winter back in 2004 when i 1st knew about you. You made me cried during the last sequel of "The Notebook". Its was in the Strand Cinema if i was not mistaken that your movie premiered for the 1st time to county folks.

With that it has led me to add you name to my collection on my bookshelf. My 1st was the "The Notebook" (obviously) and that too made me cried even harder. Well as usual, the book is always better than the movie but then again i don't think movie producers will be happy to include all bits n bits of a storyline & bore all movie goers. You indeed has a way of speaking from a soul. Your story line felt so real and touches the heart of the reader.

From that onwards you have become my favorite. I followed your new releases every time it appear on the bookstore window. Dear John, 3 Weeks With my Brother, The Last Song until i came to The Choice, which has turned my life around.

I might sound like a crazy woman here turning fiction into a reality, but to tell you the truth i did. Felt as if God made your book came to me during the right time like sign in telling me what to do. I remembered of endless night & prayer in searching for the right decision and you do not know how long i cried when i finish reading you book. Then with an instant, i knew my choice.

I thank God for it till today and will treasure The Choice very very much.

Thank you so much and Thank you God treamendously very very much.

Love Always, Yours Truly

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